The metaverse access
for brands, business
and creatives.

/ˈmɛtəvəːs/ noun
A virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.

GAIA is a web-based experience platform accessible on VR / smart devices and designed to immerse users in social, interactive, high-fidelity 3D experiences.

Propel your audience into infinite possibilities spaces released from physical constraints.

Unlimited —

Build your own virtual space and design unique architecture, storytelling, and brand universe.

Courtesy of Unicorn paris

Connect emotionally your audience in the digital world.

Social —

Let your audience share meaningful experiences and sensible interactions together.

Give your audience access to high-quality, personalized digital doubles.

Bring virtual spaces to life and recreate human interactions with live Digital Humans.

Story-driven —

Lead your audience in real-time with digital brand ambassadors, influencers, shop assistants, guides, or actors, working remotely.

Design and customize your digital humans’ appearance to match your brand identity and storytelling.

Let your audience enjoy seamless experiences and exceptional quality rendering on all devices.

Mind-blowing —

A perfect visual fidelity independent of the user’s equipment (VR headset, computer, smartphone), thanks to a powerful cloud computing solution.

Retail & Brand experience

Create virtual stores and brand experiences beyond borders and reach new audiences at scale. Access out-of-this-world creative possibilities for audience engagement and participation.

Museography & Exhibitions

Give access to art anywhere, anytime.
Enhance exhibition routes and build sensible interactions between visitors.


Bridge human connections driven by the extraordinary and serendipity.


Propel your audience to the heart of highly interactive and personalized stories.
Make them change their perspective and roam free through expansive multi-users environments.

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