Empowering the audience as co-creator of the narrative.

At the crossroads of video games and technological breakthroughs, we develop brand new narrative structures in expansive multi-user environments through role-playing, live performance, personalization and ‘re-playability’.

Dynamic narratives

We construct adaptive narratives that evolve based on each user’s choices and actions, incorporating variables and conditional logic to shape the storyline.

Real-time interactions

We foster deep audience engagement through live interactions with AAA Digital Doubles, powered by motion-captured professionals such as brand ambassadors, digital influencers, actors, and sales teams.

Solo interactive gameplay

Users can immerse themselves in the narrative by participating in individual interactive sequences, and engaging directly with the virtual environment.

Group interactive gameplay

To encourage group cohesion and promote a social dimension, we design sequences that enable users to collaborate and interact as a collective within the virtual space.

Live animations

We enhance the experience with real-time animations and special effects, including sound and lighting, that can be triggered live to create the atmosphere of a live show.

Cinematic sequences

By incorporating cinematic sequences, we punctuate the narrative with an external perspective or emphasize specific elements of the story, enriching the overall experience.