MP7 TRANSITION is a space-time odyssey paced by Matt Pokora’s emblematic songs. The artist’s digital double, MP7, endowed with supernatural attributes, takes the audience on a journey to the (re-)conquest of love. From the Arizona desert to the far reaches of space, from the Instagram-able fantasy realms to a futuristic West Side City, the challenges faced are met with dance, introspection, self-improvement, and dreams. MP7 TRANSITION delves into the interstices of our reality, inviting everyone to reexamine the definition of a story and interact to make it their own.


MP7 TRANSITION is a metalive, a new format of interactive 3D show that combines elements of video games, music videos, and musicals. 

The experience lasts about 60 minutes, and features MP7, Matt Pokora’s digital double, along with roughly forty characters and dancers. It unfolds in 6 acts, encompassing 6 fully realized 3D environments where spectators can freely roam and explore, much like in a video game.

MP7 TRANSITION is an interactive show where the narrative evolves based on your actions and the choices presented to you. Each performance is unique. 

With your fully customizable avatars, you can see yourself in the 3D space and engage with other users at any moment.